Jessica’s sermon

Jessica’s sermon to @JuanitaBerguson – self-proclaimed ‘preacher’. 1st April  ‘14

I have done a minimum of editing, to remove repeated words and iphone autocorrect solecisms:

I read your “sermon” and didn’t interrupt. I’ll respond now, though I doubt you (will) read it. But here goes:

As an atheist I reject your pompous claim to know the mind of god. You (clearly) have no understanding of the history of your own book or the tenuous background and historical context in which it was written. If, in fact, you understood your own tome, you would recognize that (as) a woman you shouldn’t be literate, much less have a pulpit from which to preach like a social media forum, which is what Twitter is. You would know your place, not as the mouthpiece of the divine, but as the chattel of your patriarchal masters.

The punishment you pedal is the vain imagining of a deluded and cruel sect that imposed their will by fear, and every single Abrahamic religion spouts it. You have accepted this book because it was the one you had to hand. You preach hell to others in the sad attempt to force your personal agenda down the throats of others, because fear likes a warm bed partner.

Do you really think that humans who imagined and (brought) to fruition things like the wheel, medicine, sanitation, the space program and “where the wild things are” (are) incapable of imagining something so simple as a concept of god? In the pre-iron age, humans needed explanations for natural events. We’ve grown and learned better now. You should know that your religion has been used as an effective tool to keep the masses in line for centuries. But, humans are growing up. We can see that slavery is wrong, without the Bible*. We don’t need to burn doctors and scientists at the stake for heresy.

Your god is one of many & will fall out of favor, as they all have & must, but your need to feel important, to feel as though you are a Messenger is your own vain ambition. For those of us who show through our actions that morality is not kowtowing to an imaginary beast but that equality, justice, goodness and doing what is good and right is not predicated by a book of fables should give you real hope because the life we have is now. We are alive and able to care for one another NOW.

Prophesying doom and destruction is the stronghold of the bitter and jealous. Don’t pretend that threats are love, and unless you are prepared to define the entirety of ‘Romans’, don’t throw up 10:9 &10** as your shield. Your book is barbaric. Your hell is a tormented fiction, and humanity can do better.

In the end what we have is each other. We are people together, on a tiny spinning planet, and what endures and builds the future is the love and compassion we bear for one another. That’s tangible and real. Reality is hard, I know, but every person is human. Every person is unique. Every single person is deserving of a chance to live free from fear.

*Which, incidentally, condones slavery. Ed

** “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”  Ed.


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