Some thoughts on Truth

Some thoughts on truth inspired by the ludicrous claims of religious believers who claim their particular source book as THE TRUTH:

Truth is a strange world. One person’s truth is another’s illusion. Take religion: for a true believer THE book – bible, koran, torah, dhammapada, etc., etc. – is the Truth, literally. To the non-believer it is just so much arrant nonsense.

It raises the question: is there an objective truth to which we can all subscribe? In reading @Jen_August over many months I am struck by the fact that many of her atheistic insights and truths coincide and chime with the avowedly deistic revelations of Sherri Bessi, author of ‘The Other Side of Ugly’ as well as the insights of non-dualistic philosophy, such as the ‘Truthless Truth’ blog or the writings of Eckhart Tolle.

So what are they these coincidences? It is worth listing them:

1 Truth exists only in the here and the now. The past and future are illusory.

2 Truth is limitless, like human potential. It cannot be contained.

3 Truth is conscious; it is wakeful and ever present.

4 Truth is well informed – there has to be a genuine desire to ‘know’ reinforced by repeatable non-anecdotal experience.

5 There is a truly universal aspect to individuality. Humanity is an aspect of that unity.

6 Truth just is. (Justice?) Reality has nothing to do with individual preference.

7 Truth has no definitive answers, only endless questions to maintain openness of mind and heart.

8 Doubt, difficulties and impediments are necessary points of potential growth. They are one’s true teacher.

9 Truth IS reality. Thoughts are essential but also a limit. Mindfulness is ever necessary.

10 Truth is desireless; whatever is presented in life is a necessary stimulus for action.

11 Truth is attention; it is the ‘listening post of the Universe’.

12 Truth is still and unmoving because it has nowhere to go.

13 Truth is silent because it does nothing at all but is the witness of all

14. Truth is peaceful because it is ever at rest. It is truly one’s self.

15 Truth is unknowable objectively, but is known in experience. It has a distinct ‘taste’.

16 Truth is ever the ‘same’ and infinitely flexible, it bears all without objection or complaint. 

Stephen Coulson

@philositect on Twitter


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